Rigid Pop Up Displays

10' Rigid Pop Up Display, Curved

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Orajet® 3641, 3.0 mil, Matte, Adh Permanent Gray

$$$$$ - Soft Calendered PVC Vinyl. Film Thickness: 3.0 mil. Face Finish: Matte. Expected Film Life: 3-4 years. Adhesive: Permanent Gray. Application Surfaces: Flat. Recommended Applications: Short to medium term, general signage and other flat indoor and outdoor applications including decals, name plates, die-cut letters and POP. 

3M™ Scotchcal™ IJ35C, 3.2 mil, Gloss, Adh Permanent Gray, Bubble-Free

$$$$$ - Intermediate Calendered Vinyl. Film Thickness: 3.2 mil. Face Finish: Gloss. Expected Film Life: 5 years. Adhesive: Permanent Gray. Air release channels: Yes, Comply™ Adhesive. Application Surfaces: Flat and Simple Curves. Recommended Applications: Short to Long-term indoor and outdoor promotional graphics, Interior and Exterior Non-Backlit Signs, Smooth Walls, Decals and POP displays. Manufacturer's Description: Excellent imageability, air release technology for easier, bubble-free application, permanent adhesive, attractive price.

Intermediate Overlaminate, 3.0 mil, Matte

Similar features as the Intermediate Overlaminate Gloss, but with Matte finish.

Intermediate Overlaminate, 3.0 mil, Gloss

$$$$$ - Clear Calendered PVC overlaminating Film with added UV protection. Film Thickness: 30. mil. Face Finish: Gloss. Expected Performance Life: up to 4 years. Adhesive: Permanent, Pressure-Sensitive. Application Surfaces: Flat and Simple Curves. Recommended Applications: Over Intermediate digitally printed films, for medium to long-term indoor or outdoor Signs. Manufacturer's Description: Is designed to protect digital image prints for exhibit and display graphics. Can be used in most instances where an overlay with a high gloss finish is required on interior or exterior applications. It is laminated by the cold laminating process without the addition of heat, for better dimensional stability.

Intermediate Overlaminate, 3M™ 8510 Scotchcal™, 3.5 mil, Matte

Similar features as the Intermediate Overlaminate 3M™ 8508 Scotchcal™ Gloss, but with Matte finish. Manufacturer's Description: Perfect for use where a flat sheen or minimal glare is required.

Intermediate Overlaminate, 3M™ 8508 Scotchcal™, 2.3 mil, Gloss

$$$$$ - Clear Cast Overlaminating Film with UV protection. Film Thickness: 2.3 mil. Face Finish: Gloss. Expected Performance Life: up to 4 years. Adhesive: Permanent, Pressure Sensitive. Application Surfaces: Flat and Simple Curves. Recommended Applications: Over Intermediate digitally printed films, for medium to long-term indoor or outdoor Opaque Signage, Backlit Signage, Labels, Smooth Wall Graphics, Transit Graphics, Window Graphics. Manufacturer's Description: An excellent option for those looking for an intermediate cast product at a calendared price. Provides the glossiest effect of any intermediate overlaminate with less shrinkage than calendared products. It's a great value.

Optically Clear Cast Overlaminate, Avery 1360Z, 1.3mil, High-Gloss

$$$$$ - Ultra-thin, ultra-conformable Cast Vinyl Overlaminate. Film Thickness: 1.3 mil. Face Finish: Optically clear, high Gloss finish. Expected Performance Life: 4 years. Adhesive: Permanent, Pressure-Sensitive. Application Surfaces: Flat, Flat with rivets, Corrugated, Simple and Complex Curves. Recommended Applications: Fleet, Commercial and Vehicle Graphics and Watercraft, even on corrugations and rivets and Indoor or Outdoor signage. Wall graphics, Backlit signage. Manufacturer's Description: Enhances color and depth of image, protects image from scratches, excellent dimensional stability, outstanding durability and outdoor performance, excellent UV, temperature, humidity and salt-spray resistance. 

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We only offer Digital Proof.

Please note that if you request a Digital Proof, production time will start from the proof approval.

The Digital Proofs are designed only to check the placement of elements, not for Color Correction, since we do not match Pantone colors, paint charts, 3M vinyl charts, customer provided color charts or any other color matching. We only print 4 color process (CMYK). If you are using Spot or Pantone colors, please convert them to CMYK.

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Easily portable in the provided display container, it includes a 163” x 90” graphic who covers entire pop-up structure and endcaps. A set of lights and the rugged case with wheels are included in price.
Very easy to assemble, the images are printed in high-quality vinyl with full color & fade resistant inks and mounted on 6 pieces of special plastic which adhere to the display base with provided magnets and supports.

It is provided with a laminated, gloss or anti-reflex matte nishes, special if the display will be used frequently. Besides the display container could be transformed in a little support table with the optional kit: ''Podium Wrap Graphic''.

An attractive graphic solution for:

  • Exhibitions,
  • Conferences,
  • Seminars,
  • Presentations,
  • Points of purchase
  • Promotional activities.

Artwork Specifications:

Accepted File Formats: JPEG and PDF.

Make your artwork in the exact size that the graphic you are ordering. No crop marks. All fonts must be outlined.

We suggest 150/180 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size (1:1). Required Color Space: CMYK.

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10 Ft. Rigid Pop Up Display - Curved  


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